Boosting Employee Morale
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Morale in Economically Challenging Times

Even in times of economic distress, it is important to provide employees with acknowledgment for work well done.  In fact, it's probably more important in economically challenging times to make sure that well-deserved "pats on the back" are given to honor work well done.

Within organizations, other than monetary compensation at review time, there are many other ways that leaders, managers and supervisors can increase job satisfaction for the staff as a whole and keep morale from sagging unnecessarily.

Of course, monetary compensation goes a long way toward addressing job satisfaction (particularly in time of economic distress.  But, what to do when money is tight and pay-outs may even be decreasing?

It's then worth focusing on psychological and symbolic (yet meaningful) rewards.  Those intangibles that can go a long way to making employees feel good about their job and their accomplishments. 

What sorts of things fall into this category? 

Thank you notes, letters or certificates of accomplishment, complimentary words spoken in private or at employee meetings, recognition lunches, gift certificates, and so on.  These sorts of small rewards, when given in a serious and heartfelt way, can have a bigger impact than you might imagine. 

ACTION ITEM: Think about who's been doing a good job in your area.  Focus on when they've most recently been complimented or rewarded.  Consider whether now is the time to do something to acknowledge those who are helping your organization achieve success.

SUGGESTION: If you're looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive reward for an employee or co-worker, you can use an gift certificate that can be applied to most anything that sells.  For details, click here:


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