Employee Survey Logistics
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Employee Survey Logistics - Deploying an Employee Survey

Employee survey deployment can make your employee survey, regardless of the type survey you need, much easier to summarize and glean meaningful data, or much harder to deal with.

Deployment makes all the difference.

If you use your company's Intranet or a secure Internet site as a means of deployment, you will be able to use some of the wonderful software packages available which help in creating employee surveys and gathering data.

If you are a small company with less than 100 employees, it may make sense to deploy a survey by hardcopy and compile the results by hand.

If, however, your business is large and you will be receiving hundreds or even thousands of results from the employee survey you deploy, how will you manage all the incoming data effectively?

Software packages are readily available online, many with 30-day free trials, which allow you to develop an attractive employee survey which will make your employees want to fill out the information.

The use of radio buttons for employee responses gives your survey a professional look and feel. The results can then be collected by the software and presented to you for analysis in meaningful ways.

Of course, different software packages will operate differently, but they have several things in common. A good employee survey software package will:

  • Provide a means of entering questions for the survey in a simple, easy format.
  • Provide a means of choosing response buttons and easy placement of the selected buttons.
  • Gather results automatically.
  • Provide responses in statistical figures which you can easily understand.
  • Provide security and privacy to you and the employees responding.
  • Allow you to develop graphic output of the results in meaningful ways.

You should introduce your employees to the fact that an employee survey or series of surveys will be coming soon in a staff meeting or other face to face meeting.

It is important to ensure the employees that all responses to the surveys will be completely confidential and their responses will not be tied to their names in any way. Explain how the employee surveys will help the company measure and improve relationships.

If you place your employee survey on the company Intranet or on a secure website, you will need to notify employees where to access and how to access the survey and the timeframe in which they may submit responses. 

The best way to provide access to the survey is to generate an email to all employees stating what the survey is about, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of responses, and providing a "hot link" in the email which takes the employee right to the survey. 

Be sure to communicate a clear deadline for responding.

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