What Is Leadership T & D?
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What Is Leadership Training and Development?

Every leader knows leadership training and development is important, but do you really understand what this type of training involves? 

Whether developing leadership training to be taught by your in-house training team or seeking outside leadership training opportunities, you need to understand leadership training and development.

You'll find leadership training and development to be a very large umbrella covering a myriad of topics. Perhaps they will include "leadership" in the course title, but often that word is not used.

Here's an example: a course titled "Effective Time Management' may not say anywhere in the description or advertisement that it is a leadership training and development course. However, every leader knows that time management skills are necessary to the effective leader.

You must assess the training needs of your leadership team in order to find the training and development opportunities that best fit the team's needs. You should also review your training and development budget to determine how to fit the opportunities available into the overall financial plan for your firm.

You will find opportunities for leadership training and development everywhere from your local college to leadership retreats held in foreign lands.

Your local Chamber of Commerce may offer seminars or presentations that fall into the category of leadership training. Local organizations such as the Rotary Club present seminars from time to time that would be effective as leadership training. Professional leadership trainers and coaches can be found that will present training at your location, off-site in your city or in another city. 

Another great place to obtain leadership training is at conferences and trade shows.

Very often, a conference will include presentations on leadership skills, presenting innovative ideas and technique your leaders can implement. Conferences for your market area can allow your leadership team to meet and interface with other teams and learn not only from the training, but also by sharing ideas and methodology among teams.

You can often save lots of money on the cost of training by offering the services of your leaders to present a technique or system used by your firm; many times conference fees are waived for those presenting at the conference.

It is good business practice to provide opportunities for leaders to grow skills.  As a result, they will be more able to develop new processes and improvements to existing processes. 

If only one great, new, innovative, cost-saving method of doing business comes from each leadership training and development opportunity attended, you'll find the training pays for itself in a better bottom line, improved morale and other significant benefits.

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