Are Performance Appraisals Necessary?
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Are Employee Performance Appraisals Necessary?

If you provide feedback to your employees on a daily basis, you may sometimes wonder why the employee performance appraisal process is necessary. 

"Sure," you say, "I tell these people every day what their level of performance is on each task." 

Yet, even if you have the most perfect memory (which, of course, no one does), you still need to follow through with an employee performance appraisal progress.

All of the benefits of the employee performance appraisals help the company become more competitive.

Many help the employee develop skills and hone processes; other benefits help leaders determine who gets a larger pay increase or a larger bonus or perhaps no increase at all due to poor performance.

The whole process can be used as a quantifying exercise that will help the company track performance all year long.

Every life coach will tell you that setting goals creates a roadmap to follow.

Yet, how many employees take the time to establish goals except during the employee performance appraisal goal setting period?

Even your highest achievers probably don't set quantifiable, measurable goals.

By using the employee performance appraisal to help them set realistic, achievable goals for improvements, process enhancements, training or other areas of their work, you'll be helping their careers develop and helping to grow future company leaders.

When time for pay increases rolls around, you may think you told Joe Smith X number of times that he had performed exceptionally well, but is that memory correct?

It is probably not exactly the correct number and often the best performers are so busy doing work that you don't see them often to tell them how great they really are.

By using the employee performance appraisal goals met or progressed toward, you have quantifiable measurements to gauge pay increases or bonus awards by.

To be effective, the employee appraisal process must be ongoing with updates whenever job duties change or budget constraints change the business' direction and focus.

If employees are tasked to meet agreed-upon goals and measure them on a monthly, weekly or other appropriate basis, you will have undeniably accurate facts to make decisions about promotions, special recognition awards, pay increases, bonuses, training issues and much, much more.

With accurate measurements toward goals, there will be no room in anyone's mind whether the employees are getting what they deserve to the best of the company's ability to provide recognition and other incentive benefits.

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