In Times of Trouble, Communicate More...
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In Times of Trouble, Communicate More...

With each passing day, the economic news looks dimmer and dimmer.  It's hard to put into perspective, but we are seeing surprising developments that are shocking in their impact and the speed with which they come upon us.

No one knows exactly how things will play out over time.

But, the new economic developments are likely to have impacts on just about every organization.

What can organizations do, in this context, to keep employee morale high?

Aside from the standard approaches, it is ever more important to communicate with employees - industry news, impacts, what's happening locally and globally, putting it into context and helping them to understand what is happening and what may be happening. 

Where there are uncertainties or imponderables, it's perfectly OK to say "we just don't know how xyz is going or is going to develop."  The crucial thing is to keep people as informed as possible.

Doing so, helps to minimize rumors and helps employees to pro-actively address new developments.  It may also help them to drawn on their innate creativity and inventiveness as a way to solve new problems that are coming down the pike.

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